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Our art lesson plans are designed for specialist art teachers and classroom educators, offering a stress-free approach to art education planning.

Grade Levels

Our lesson plans for art teachers in Canada are specifically tailored for elementary teachers from Kinder to Year 6. The comprehensive lesson plans provide a rich and varied curriculum. The lesson plans delve into a diverse range of popular art genres, drawing inspiration from famous artists, different cultures, and the natural world.

The wide range of topic ensures that students are exposed to a variety of art experiences, fostering their creativity and appreciation for art. The lesson plans focus on a variety of art materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, clay work, and printmaking. This allows your students to explore and express themselves through a wide range of media. With access to our full-year art curriculum included in the membership, teachers can confidently prepare an entire year’s worth of engaging and educational art lessons, ensuring a well-rounded curriculum for your students.

Membership Program

Our membership program is designed to support and simplify the lesson planning process for art educators. By signing up for the full year, teachers can choose 24 thematic units, straight away. There is also the option for a monthly membership where you can select two units monthly, suited to your classroom’s needs, and design your own curriculum.

Each lesson plan comes with detailed curriculum information and assessment rubrics aligned with art standards, enabling teachers to effectively record student progress. Our collection of art lesson plans empowers teachers in Canada to bring innovative ideas and techniques to their classrooms, inspiring students to unlock and explore their inner artist. Sign up for a membership and experience the joy and satisfaction of guiding your students through a creative and enriching art education journey.

How the ACE Curriculum can help art teachers in the classroom

Using a fully prepared curriculum saves teachers hours of time that would normally be required to plan lessons. I am sure you have spent hours searching for resources, trying out projects and creating assessments. Our fully prepared curriculum allows teachers to focus on effective teaching methods and getting to know your students.

The ACE curriculum includes high-quality lesson plans for teachers in Canada, designed by professional artists and specialist art teachers.

The range of materials provides wonderful opportunities to enhance your students’ learning. All lesson plans include downloadable PDF lesson plans with photographs and step-by-step instructions.

A fully prepared primary art curriculum offers consistency, saves time, provides high-quality resources, and supports effective teaching and learning strategies. These benefits create an engaging and enriching educational experience for both you and your students.

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Free art lesson plan for Kindergarten, year 1 and year 2

 Clare Youngs Apple 

Iris flower artwork for post impressionist art class unit

Van Gogh Iris artwork

Grade 5 and 6 art lesosn peacock drawing

 Draw a Peacock

Kinder – Grade 2 Art Lessons

Easy to teach art lessons for kindergarten, grades 1 & 2

Grade 3-4 Art Lessons

Inspire grade 3 and grade 4 kids with our art lesson plans

Grade 5-6 Art Lessons

Bring out the inner artist with grade 5 and 6 art lesson plans

Develop your art skills and encourage your students to be creative

At Creative Kids Art Lessons, our team of skilled artists and educators has created engaging and easy to teach art lessons for children from kindergarten through to grade 6. Our lesson plans are provided in thematic units, each with a minimum of four hours of art, for each age group – Kindergarten to year 2, years 3 and 4 and 5 to 6.

Try out the convenience of a monthly membership, allowing you to select two themes each month from our extensive collection of art units. This flexibility allows you to custom-build a curriculum that suits your teaching needs. For those seeking a comprehensive solution, our yearly membership provides instant access to 24 units, complimented by our free, ACE Curriculum. With the yearly membership and the ACE Curriculum, your entire year in the art room is planned and ready to be implemented.

Join us today and reduce your lesson planning time. Our program is designed to integrate with other subjects. Each lesson plan has detailed curriculum information and assessment rubrics. Reference images, and artist information sheets are provided as needed.

Creative Kids Art Lessons is an amazing resource for teachers and homeschoolers. Enjoy a monthly membership for AUD $25, or opt for the annual membershipn of AUD $250, and save AUD $50. Membership is also available in multpile currencies. Sign up today to begin a creative journey with our easy-to-teach art lessons, and transform your classroom into a hub of artistic exploration for the entire year.

How to Transform Your Art Classroom with Innovative Teaching Strategies

Graphic for unit category - cultures


Graphic for unit category - Environment


Graphic for unit category - year events

Year Events

Graphic for unit category - artists


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Creative Kids Art Lessons offer premium, easy-to-teach art lesson plans for K-6 teachers, enhancing student creativity and confidence. These detailed, step-by-step plans, complete with process images, explore diverse themes like Australian Indigenous artists and world cultures through food and art, making art education both enriching and accessible.