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Explore art and creativity with our exciting collection of creative art lessons. Our art lesson plans are designed for educators teaching Kindergarten through to Year 6. Each lesson is tried and tested in the classroom by art educators and then designed to give you the best experience possible in the artroom.

Explore a world where your students can discover well-known artists and art techniques from impressionism to pop art. Designed for both experienced art teachers and those new to the art classroom, the art units turn learning into a colorful canvas and ignite a passion for art that lasts a lifetime. Join us by signing up for a membership and gain confidence with your art program, creating an exciting curriculum for your students. We are excited to offer these comprehensive art units to develop your abilities and also an enthusiasm for the visual arts in the classroom.

“Our art lesson plans are designed for specialist art teachers and classroom teachers” – this is the cornerstone of our approach to art education. By providing comprehensive, and resourced lesson plans, we strive to make your year in the art room easier and to improve the quality of art teaching and learning in schools. Whether you’re a seasoned art educator or a classroom teacher new to art, our lesson plans are here to support and enrich your teaching experience.

How does our curriculum make it easy for art teachers to teach their students?

By providing a comprehensive, adaptable, and resource-rich curriculum, we empower art teachers to deliver high-quality education. Our ready to use curriculum is designed to ease the planning process, inspire your students, and foster a love for art that extends beyond the classroom walls. With our curriculum, art teachers are well-equipped to guide their students on a journey of artistic exploration and discovery.

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Free art lesson plan for Kindergarten, year 1 and year 2

 Clare Youngs Apple 

Iris flower artwork for post impressionist art class unit

Van Gogh Iris artwork

Grade 5 and 6 art lesosn peacock drawing

 Draw a Peacock

Kinder – Grade 2 Art Lessons

Easy to teach art lessons for kindergarten, grades 1 & 2

Grade 3-4 Art Lessons

Inspire grade 3 and grade 4 kids with our art lesson plans

Grade 5-6 Art Lessons

Bring out the inner artist with grade 5 and 6 art lesson plans

Everything you need to teach art to your elementary students.

Our lesson plans are organized into monthly thematic units, each designed to provide at least four hours of art activities. The units are grouped to cater to different age groups: Kinder to year 2, years 3 and 4, and years 5 and 6. This grouping ensures that the content is age-appropriate, engaging, and educational, meeting the developmental needs of your class.

  • Monthly Membership: This option allows you to choose two themes from our comprehensive range of art units each month. It gives you the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to your teaching needs and the interests of your students.
  • Yearly Membership: For those who prefer a more comprehensive package, our yearly membership provides immediate access to 24 art units. Members can also access a free curriculum, a complete guide to planning your entire year of art education. This option is perfect for those looking to have a well-structured, creative curriculum from the start of the year.
  • Becoming a member of Creative Kids Art Lessons means lightening your planning load. Our lesson plans are designed to easily integrate with other subjects, providing a holistic educational experience. Members also gain access to curriculum details and assessment rubrics, streamlining the process of aligning art education with academic standards.

We are excited to offer a special sign-up promotion: for just AUD$25 per month, you can access our exciting art lessons, or, opt for our yearly membership at AUD$250, enjoying a saving of AUD$50. Membership is also available in US currency. This offer provides a year filled with creative, easy-to-teach art lessons, ensuring a vibrant and educational experience for all involved.

Investing in a membership is investing in the future of art education

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Graphic for unit category - Environment


Graphic for unit category - year events

Year Events

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Purchase our most popular art lesson plans for teachers online today and enjoy watching your students develop confidence and creativity. Our lesson plans have detailed, step by step instructions and process images making them easy to teach. Kids can learn about Australian Indiginous artists, and explore food and art from a range of different cultures. Creative Kids Art Lessons provide high quality art lessons for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students.