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Art lesson plans for teachers in UK allow you to inspire creativity in your classroom. A fully designed curriculum is designed to alleviate the daunting task of curriculum planning. Creative Kids Art Lesson plans are tailored to meet the needs of both specialist art teachers and general classroom educators. Focusing on students from Kindergarten through to Year 6, the lesson plans cover a wide spectrum of artistic genres. They offer insight into the works of famous artists, the exploration of cultures, and appreciation of the natural environment with themes such as animals and nature.

What makes these plans a must have is the inclusion of a wide variety of art materials and techniques, ranging from traditional drawing and painting to 3D projects such as clay work and sculpture. By accessing a full-year art curriculum, teachers can confidently plan their art lessons, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching art experience for their students throughout the year.

The membership program offers flexibility and convenience. Teachers can sign up for a full year and immediately access 24 comprehensive units, or opt for a monthly membership selecting two units per month. Each unit comes with curriculum details, including assessment rubrics, which further streamline the teaching process. This program is particularly beneficial to teachers who wish to introduce fresh and engaging content in their classrooms, keeping the students’ interest and their creativity flowing.

There is an extensive range of art lesson plans to choose from, ensuring that teachers can deliver exciting and innovative artistic ideas and techniques to their students. These plans are not just about teaching art; they are about inspiring young minds and unlocking their creative potential. The ultimate goal is to help teachers nurture their students’ inner artist, fostering a love for art that can enrich their educational journey and personal growth. By providing this comprehensive and adaptable resource, teachers can transform their classrooms into dynamic spaces where art is not only learned but also celebrated and appreciated.

Make art teaching a journey of discovery and revolutionize art in your classroom

Step into a world where art teaching is not just a subject, but a journey of discovery! Our innovative methods blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge ideas. As art educators, we’re not just educators; we’re architects of imagination, empowering students to explore their creativity.

Our classrooms are dynamic studios where each lesson is engaging and inspiring. Art ignites a passion for learning that assists students with problem solving and the development of self confidence across all subject areas. Join Creative Kids Art Lessons today by becoming a member for a wonderful creative journey in your art room this year. Have colour, line, and texture weave a tapestry of educational experiences, and enhance your art room.

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Free art lesson plan for Kindergarten, year 1 and year 2

 Clare Youngs Apple 

Iris flower artwork for post impressionist art class unit

Van Gogh Iris artwork

Grade 5 and 6 art lesosn peacock drawing

 Draw a Peacock

Kinder – Grade 2 Art Lessons

Easy to teach art lessons for kindergarten, grades 1 & 2

Grade 3-4 Art Lessons

Inspire grade 3 and grade 4 kids with our art lesson plans

Grade 5-6 Art Lessons

Bring out the inner artist with grade 5 and 6 art lesson plans

Collaborate and Inspire – Join the art teachers, innovating for teaching excellence!

At Creative Kids Art Lessons, we believe in the power of art to inspire young minds and the importance of simplicity in teaching. Our dedicated team of professional artists and experienced educators, has developed a unique art curriculum tailored for children from Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

Our curriculum is structured into monthly thematic units. Each unit is carefully designed to provide a minimum of four hours of immersive art experience. We understand the developmental stages of children, and our lessons are thoughtfully designed to cater to Kindergarten to Year 2, Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6 students.

Flexible Membership Options

Recognizing the varying needs of educators and homeschoolers, we offer two flexible membership options:

Monthly Membership

This option allows you the flexibility of selecting two themes each month to create your own curriculum according to your students’ interests and learning objectives.

Yearly Membership

For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, our yearly membership grants immediate access to 24 themed units. This package includes the free, ACE Curriculum, offering a complete, ready-to-use plan for a full year of art education, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive artistic journey for your students.

Special Sign-Up Offers

We are excited to present our current sign-up offer at just AUD$25 per month. Alternatively, our annual membership is priced at AUD$250, representing a saving of AUD$50. This offer guarantees a year filled with creative, straightforward, and enjoyable art lessons. Choose a currency of choice for your membership.

Embark on an Artistic Journey

Embark on an artistic journey with Creative Kids Art Lessons and witness the transformation in your classroom or homeschooling environment. Watch as every child’s inner artist flourishes under your guidance, equipped with our innovative, comprehensive, and inspiring art lessons. Join us today and begin a journey of artistic exploration and discovery that will leave a lasting impression on your students.

Choose from our wide selection of thematic units to build your year in the art room

Graphic for unit category - cultures


Graphic for unit category - Environment


Graphic for unit category - year events

Year Events

Graphic for unit category - artists


Browse our latest art lesson plans for art teachers.

Sign up for inspiring art lesson plans for teachers online today and enjoy seeing your kids build confidence and creativity. Our lesson plans are simple to teach and include step-by-step instructions and process photographs.

Children can discover a variety of cultures and art styles from different countries around the world. The ‘All About Me’ unit will help you to get to know your students and the Wellbeing Art Lessons will assist with mindfulness in the classroom. Students in Kindergarten through to grade 6 can enjoy excellence in art education with lesson plans from Creative Kids Art Lessons.