Jane smiling over Art

Creative Kids Art Lessons was started by Jane McKay, an internationally exhibited, professional artist and primary classroom teacher with over 30 years of classroom teaching experience. Creative Kids Art Lessons has a team of specialist art teachers, artists, and classroom teachers, working on lesson plans and programs and is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Jane began the art teaching business as Creative Kids Art Club and face to face classes still run in Perth for children from 4 to 14 years. The classes began in 2011 with just one class of four children and, due to demand, have grown to over 12 locations and enrolments of over 3000 kids per year.

Since 2011 we have been developing art ideas and projects for use in the classroom – art activities that are engaging and fun with a wide variety of art projects from drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, fibre and textiles to printmaking and craft. Our classes are so loved locally that some children have attended classes for over 8 years, every term. We have new projects every term, so since 2011 we have created a LOT of lesson plans!

And now it’s time to share them! Creative Kids Art Lessons is a way for classroom teachers, art specialists and homeschoolers to access our library of tried and tested lesson plans. Follow the step-by-step instructions, view the colour photographs of each step, look at the reference images and included ACARA curriculum details to set your program up for success.

If you are new to art teaching or have taught for years this is an easy way to have a range of engaging art lesson plans at your fingertips. Have a wonderful year creating in the art room with tried and tested kids art lessons and take the hassle and stress out of trying to find art projects to take with your classes.

Creative Kids Art Lessons