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Creative Kids Art Lessons has just launched our very first full-year curriculum of art lesson plans for primary and elementary school students! The Artists and Culture Curriculum (AKA ‘ACE’ Curriculum) is a complete year of art curriculum lesson plans meeting all the art elements specified, by year group for Kindergarten to Year 6. The lesson plans provide a fun way for teachers to introduce their students to artists and cultures, looking at art from different countries and different times in history.

Choosing a fully prepared primary art curriculum offers several advantages for teachers and students:

Comprehensive Learning: A fully prepared curriculum ensures that all students receive a consistent art education that builds a strong foundation of art skills and knowledge among students. A well-designed curriculum covers different art forms, techniques, art history, and artistic styles ensuring students get a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Effective use of time: Using a fully prepared curriculum saves teachers hours and hours that would normally be required to plan lessons, search for resources, try out projects and create assessments. A prepared curriculum allows teachers to focus on effective teaching methods and individual student needs.

High-Quality Resources: The ACE curriculum has high-quality teaching materials, designed by professional artists and specialist art teachers. The range of materials covered enhances the learning experience for students. All lesson plans include downloadable PDF lesson plans with photographs and step-by-step instructions to follow.

Australian Art Curriculum

Elementary art curriculum

Teaching methods: The ACE curriculum includes teaching strategies that are proven to be effective. Art teachers can benefit from these tried-and-tested methods to engage students and facilitate learning. The ACE curriculum was developed from years of teaching art to kids. The lesson plans have been tried out, modified and adjusted so they work in the classroom to facilitate optimal learning and engagement among students.

Standards and Assessment Tools: Assessment tools, such as rubrics, descriptions and elaborations, are provided to evaluate student progress effectively and are supplied with each lesson plan along with recommended grade or year group levels. This ensures that students’ learning outcomes are measured consistently and fairly. The ACE curriculum is designed to align with educational standards and learning objectives. This ensures that students meet the required academic benchmarks in art education.

Skill Development: The ACE curriculum is perfect for new art teachers as it helps them to focus on their professional development and enhance their teaching skills rather than spending excessive time on curriculum development. This ongoing growth benefits both teachers and students in the long run. Teachers new to art and those who have been teaching for a long time can get new ideas, learn about new art materials and learn some fun techniques to try out with their classes.

Australian Art Curriculum

Elementary art curriculum

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A fully prepared primary art curriculum offers consistency, saves time, provides high-quality resources, and supports effective teaching and learning strategies. These benefits ultimately create a more engaging and enriching educational experience for both you and your students.

The effectiveness of any curriculum, whether purchased or prepared yourself, depends on how well it is implemented. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to engage students will significantly influence the learning experience, regardless of the source of the curriculum.


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